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Acumen West is a boutique accounting & consulting firm providing professional services on international tax and other cross-border matters that may critically affect wealth, investment or business of U.S. expats and international investors. 

While our practice covers a broad spectrum of international management and compliance issues, our expertise is placed particularly in the following areas where individuals and businesses are facing sophisticated international issues and looking for feasible solutions today.

U.S. Offshore Tax Compliance & Reporting • U.S. & International Tax Advisory/Research • Onshore Family Office Setup & Management • Cross-Border Investment Structuring & Solutions

The firm has an extensive network and cooperative relationships with financial institutions, private bankers, and various professionals (such as lawyers, immigration consultants, real estate experts, and other CPAs/ tax accountants) in U.S. and overseas both.  These relationships enable us to deliver integrated services/solutions to meet our client-specific needs in the evolving international landscape.

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Independence & Objectivity

We stand at the highest level of independence where our advices/opinions are only for the best solutions for you.  With your support for our membership-based practice, we are far away from positions influenced by marketing pressures to sell a certain service or product.

Customized Approach & Personalized Attention

We view your agenda in panorama mode to be more creative to develop a customized approach or solution for your unique goals and special circumstances.  Also, we keep our eyes on your personalized road ahead so that we can alert you in advance to risks and opportunities that may lie down on the road.

견고하고 오래가는 신뢰관계

어떠한 문제도 상의되도록, 저희는 완전히 열린 자세로 경청합니다. 고객과의 논의는 긴밀하고 프라이빗하게 유지됩니다. 고객 프라이버시는 견고하고 장기적인 상호 신뢰관계를 위해 절대적입니다.  그러한 관계 속에서, 요청이 없더라도 고객을 떠올리며, 고객 소망에 부응하는 더 나은 방안은 없는지 생각할 것입니다.

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We do care for your wealth, investment, and business, providing specialized professional services and solutions including the following, but not limited to:

U.S. Tax Compliance & Reporting

U.S. Tax Return Compliance: Individual/Business Income Tax, Gift/Estate Tax

Foreign Account/Asset Reporting: FBAR, Form 8938, Form 3520, Form 5471, The Streamlined Procedures, etc.

Representation before IRS and state tax authorities

International Tax Advisory & Research

Integrated U.S. & international tax consulting/planning for multinational companies, investors, and families

Research on specific multinational tax issues (In-depth, Ad-hoc)

U.S./International Tax Risk Review & Management

Cross-Border Investment Solutions

U.S. Onshore Investment Vehicle Setup & Asset Acquisition Coordinating

Investment Entity Structuring: Blocker Corp, Hedge Fund LP/LLC, and other Special Purpose Companies (SPCs)

U.S. Business/Investment Entity Compliance: Annual Report, Withholding, etc.

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In order to bring our clients more chances to benefit from our boutique characteristics and unique approaches, we run a primary care practice based on the year-round advisory program.  With your support for our year-round care practice model, we can enhance our Core Values even better. 

Join our advisory program to take advantage of year-round consultation and other benefits dedicated to you.

The Advisory Program

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